Canterbury Urology Research Trust (CURT) is a charitable trust established by a group of urologists in 1997. CURT is a dedicated research centre based in Christchurch, New Zealand conducting national and international clinical Urology trials in conjunction with Urologists nationwide. We have access to a population of 560,000 locally in Canterbury, and 4.8 million around New Zealand.

The aim of the trust is to improve the care of urological patients primarily through research but also by assisting with professional development for nurses. Grants are available for attending seminars and conferences, and our annual Urology Interest Group day.

There are nine urologists who are involved in clinical research as principal or co-investigators.

We have the ability to rapidly recruit either through our databases or advertising and have exceeded predicted numbers in most trials.

We have vast experience  in ethics applications, which ensures a timely and efficient submission process.

We have had many Sponsor audits as well as one European Medicines Agency audit, all with favourable outcomes.

We are located on a private hospital site with easy access to laboratory, radiology, nuclear medicine and any other speciality if required

We take pride in providing excellent quality research staff and facilities.